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~new adult psychological thriller~


Jordan B Seltzer's crossover Adult debut, PRETTY KILLER GIRLS, pitched as Saltburn meets I’m Glad My Mom Died but with startling prose like in Bunny; When an (in)famous family vlogger and internet darling's tumultuous career ends with her going live while covered in her mother’s blood, the public will dub her the #mommykiller, and her biggest fan will unravel the events leading to that fateful night, revealing the insidious side effects of growing up online and the obsessive and dangerous nature of fandom, all while proving her idol’s innocence—or becoming a #headline of her own.

  • dual pov/timeline

  • mixed media elements like in NONE OF THIS IS TRUE

  • wlw/lgbtq+

  • chronic illness rep

  • mental illness rep

  • body horror

  • satire

  • for fans of Gillian Flynn and Cortney Summers


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